Feng Shui nursery – some rules that you should know!

Children are intuitive and have less developed protection mechanisms as adults. For this reason they taking more intensive in the world. It is all the more important for them, in what environment they grow up and develop as personalities.

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Have you taken care of there nursery design for the right energy? If not, want to don’t take maybe something along these lines? Exhausting but inspiration and ideas from the Feng Shui – principles. Before the children’s room design, you should consider the situation of the child room very well. Never, it must be located near the entrance of the House. Also, it should be not quite away from the master bedroom.

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As regards the orientation, should be this according to Feng Shui experts at best South. Thus, they promote the growth of the small. It is surely obvious that the nursery should be smaller than that of the parents. As regards the form, then the long rectangular in this case most appropriate. This brings much more dynamics. In contrast, the square shape is much too static and not particularly supportive for growth.

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In a Feng Shui nursery is the positioning of the crib like in the bedroom of the parents. Exceptions make the variants where there is more than one. None of the beds must be directly opposite the door. The diagonal orientation would be more appropriate, and as far away from the entrance way.If you make a room for two children, then the Feng Shui States rule the following: children have to sleep in two separate beds and not in a major. The two beds should not gegenübereinander be. This could cause developed enmity between two children.

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According to Feng Shui, the interlocking in a nursery are rules tend to avoid. Find another way for the zoning. So that the energy flows freely, the room should feel so wide and far as it goes.The Feng Shui nursery design is also dividing the area into different zones. At least three should be it – one for the games, is a learning, and of course – to sleep. These must be very clearly defined, and differ significantly from each other. Only so whose energies intermingle and all acts carried out, work effectively and well.

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According to the Feng Shui nursery design rules you should choose nuances in the room of the youngest children, which are peaceful and soothing. The first couple of years you should leave it there. If you have a girl, then you are choosing warm shades. The boys fit the male nuances. Those are the blue color palette. As soon as the child is already independent, it takes again Flash colors. You get more energy in the room and help a young person to be lively and energetic. You can decide depending on your child’s character, in how far the bright colors in your interior dominate or not.

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The gentle and clear forms wonderfully serve as compensation for the strong colors. Don’t forget that the energy is everywhere around us and circulates. This process must not be blocked, because otherwise the mood is very negative. Remove the superfluous things in a timely manner from the children’s room and teach the little ones it must do this himself.

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