Feng Shui your bedroom

The philosophy of Feng Shui your home full of harmony. The literal translation of these words means ‘wind and water’ , so we know this ancient Chinese science focuses on the study of power lines. According to this doctrine, all around power lines are positive and negative, so we must carefully place our living spaces to strengthen the positive influences and avoid those other contrary to our well being.


The different spaces of everyday life-the home, the office. .. – must have good Feng Shui, ie an optimal situation in which we transmit all calm, peace and balance . Thus, in a house that enjoys good Feng Shui can feel comfortable, enjoy good health and prosperity we enjoy. To do this, we must seek to balance and harmonize the outer world with our inner world.

For good Feng Shui in our bedroom did not need a compass or a quarter of exceptional dimensions, not even an
extensive manual to adjust our space to a complex design philosophy: we only take care of the balance, harmony
and proportion because the good measure is a good way to relax.

Improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom
Answer honestly:? there a mirror next to your bed? ? Adorn with flowers your bedside table? ? Sleep with our partner in a double bed with separate mattresses? You got a television facing the bed? With you? Closet or a

garment does not fit anymore?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, your bedroom does not respect the fundamental to be a place of
true rest and sleep. If you want to improve those conditions, be sure to pay attention to our advice. They will
explain how to achieve a good Feng Shui in your bedroom.

The perfect bedroom
The bedroom is one of the fundamental in our lives . It is the dream space, rest, reflection, friendliness and, of course, sex. An intimate territory that we share with our partner or in which shelter our loneliness. That’s one of the places where we cherish harmony and balance. One bedroom with a good Feng Shui will allow us to wake up much more refreshed, at peace with ourselves and, above all, with enough vitality to face the new day.

The bed is the furniture that should govern the bedroom. Everything has to be arranged around it, keeping the
proportions and fair distances. First, orient when the headboard must take into account that what we see from
the bed will always be the latest and the first thing we hold in our minds. The more chaotic is that image quality will be lower our break. The more harmonious is that perception, we offer more placid.

Neither windows or doors
For this reason, l to bed should not give a bath or an open corridor. If possible, it should also not be placed in the face of a door. If this is unavoidable, always curtains or screens can be used to make a bed separation and isolation of the aisle. It is not advisable to place the bed under a window-that will transmit feelings of vulnerability, or under a water tank.

Walls with pipes stimulate vital energy (or chi), and therefore interfere with the rest and favor insomnia. Finally, we should not place the bed near a beam, since these elements provide a sense of burden that ends up being a bad omen, as the reflected beams and moral weight, work, mental … – that falls on our shoulders .

The cardinal points
All geographical orientations are favorable if treated the whole bedroom. Still, each provision has its own  meaning:

A South facing bed strengthens intuition and stimulates dreams and retention. A North facing bed promotes health
and vital energy. A bed facing east brings dynamism and zest for life. A west facing bed is a good mechanism
against stress and agitation.
Depending on your needs, you can choose to place the pillow on any of the four cardinal points.

Good and bad companies
To preserve the rest and tranquility, the bedroom should never hold cabinets that disturb your sleep . Place bedside desk, personal computer or a gym bench is a way to promote the nervousness and restlessness. The computer and the desktop will remind us what we have to do in our daily work. Gymnastics bank will, in turn, an uncomfortable reminder of exercise that we have done.

Regard to the relation-doomed-between the computer and the bed, we can find other accomplices for our bedroom
furniture. Sofas, couches and reading chairs are compatible with our bed as they all affect the same ideas: the
comfort and rest . In this case, the Feng Shui harmony and born of uniformity and consistency. Furniture should
suggest the same pleasure and evocative intimacy.
Choose the sheets and comforter is not a trivial matter. Stripes , for example, are a destabilizing element and
bold prints or overly aggressive either equip the necessary warmth bedroom to feel suitably clothed. The bedding
should be preferably warm colors and drawings. Smooth and soft tones that keep us warm through our visual
perception. According to Feng Shui, the sum of the colors and soft touch will make our bed and inviting place,
in the case of married life, tender and welcoming environment.
hat eliminate what we do not want to generate space for it to reach our life something that we do to be useful.




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