Fireplace set up – 50 living ideas in various styles

You want to set up a fireplace? We will show you how it’s done! With little color and much creativity you can master the task in no time. In particular, it is important to integrate the fireplace into the room and about to make a comfortable seating area. There are numerous options to choose – inspired by the 50 living ideas in various living styles!

Fireplace mantle set up metal concrete floor

This modern fireplace room fascinated with formal design language – furniture with clean lines and simple colors. The room is spacious, who dressed in elegant natural stone tile fireplace itself. Ground-up-to the ceiling high glass fronts can be abundant sunlight even in the cold season in. A corner sofa with fluffy bedspread synthetic fur invites you to relax with a book in his hand. Together with a coffee table and several chairs/armchairs, sofa makes a comfortable seating area just in front of the fireplace.

Fireplace mantle set up metal glass spark protection

The living room in a country house style is complemented by a fireplace – he gives charm to the Interior on drive and adds a rustic touch. In contrast to modern/minimalist facilities, the country house furniture look vintage – visible wear and colour chipped off does not constitute a defect. Instead of large Interior decorated the living room with a comfortable Zweisiter. Accents with materials of different texture. The color scheme is neutral and the natural materials coming into its own better.

Fireplace mantle setting rustic wooden coffee table ideas

Fireplace modern set up metal coat shaggy carpet

Fireplace modern stone sofa granite floor tiles

Fireplace room setting classic apartment living room furniture

Fireplace room setting granite coat laminate floor carpet

Fireplace room setting granite floor wooden ceiling tile modern country - granite style window sill

Fireplace room setting granite sweetly hanging Chair

Fireplace room setting granite-white carpet corner

Fireplace room setting library romantic sitting area

Fireplace room setting marble wall tiles upholstered furniture

Fireplace room setting modern copper look ideas

Fireplace room setting natural stone tiles chairs laminate flooring

Fireplace room setting natural stone tiles wooden chair frame Kilim floor tiles

Fireplace room setting room dividers modern loft - style apartment

Fireplace room setting sandstone slabs grass green living landscape

Fireplace room setting sandstone tiles living room ideas

Fireplace room setting sandstone tiles wall acrylic coffee table

Fireplace room setting Scandinavian modern switch tree trunk table

Fireplace room setting Scandinavian style interior design ideas

Fireplace room setting shaggy carpet brown beige

Fireplace room setting table marble mantle of ideas wooden glass

Fireplace room setting upholstered chairs blue brick wall untreated

Fireplace room setting warm shades of beige sand color nuance

Fireplace room setting wooden furniture modern wall

Fireplace room Setup ideas carpet floral pattern yellow chairs

Fireplace room Setup ideas modern granite laminate flooring

Fireplace room Setup ideas rattan hanging Chair carpet strips country style

Fireplace set up concrete dark laminate flooring shaggy carpet

Fireplace set up concrete wooden TV wall shaggy carpet

Fireplace set up country - style romantic atmosphere

Fireplace set up electric fireplace shaggy carpet wall shelf

Fireplace set up gray natural stone nuance

Fireplace set up metal hearthrug armchair red

Fireplace set up modern apartment design ideas

Fireplace set up modern design carpet strips

Fireplace set up modern marble tile orange blue gray wall color

Fireplace set up modern sandstone tiles gas fireplace

Fireplace set up modern Scandinavian metal fireplace

Fireplace set up modern wall tiles shaggy throw home interior neutral

Fireplace set up modern wood wall panel neutral colors furniture

Fireplace set up mosaic tiles modern ideas

Fireplace set up rattan furniture set up conservatory

Fireplace set up wooden wall untreated

Fireplace set wall up stone modern ideas

Kilim modern fireplace room Setup ideas wall

Setting fireplace room white wall ideas Scandinavian chic

Setting Library fireplace

Setting room fireplace Living Room White dark laminate flooring

Setting stove modern fireplace fireplace orange Swedish

Setting white brick fireplace pictures modern art