Fireplace without chimney: chimney fire spells as a decorative element

You don’t need on the fireplace experience to give, even when there is no chimney in your new home. Gas and ethanol fireplaces can create cozy fireplace atmosphere, even if they have no smoke. A fireplace without flue does not apply according to law as a fireplace, but is a good alternative for people who have no way to build a real fireplace in her small apartment.

Bedroom wall fireplace without chimney installation gas fireplace glass windows

Ethanol fireplaces develop no smoke and are also therefore without deduction. They can be set up virtually anywhere and are a popular alternative to rustic fireplaces. During the combustion of bioethanol remain only heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The only downside is that the heating effect is significantly lower. For this reason, ethanol fireplaces are called also de coca mine.

chimney, living room wall cladding tiles without chimney gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces with sealed combustion system needs also a chimney. Oxygen is specifically dosed, while the resulting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is dissipated. In contrast to ethanol fireplaces, closed gas fireplaces with glass have a high degree of efficiency, about 70 percent.

Fireplace chimney bathroom without bioethanol decorative fireplace

With a fireplace without flue be certain limitations. You must get no firewood and store, there is no odour, soot and smoke. You can only enjoy the magic of fire. Check out below the excellent ideas, like a fireplace without flue can integrate into the modern interior.

Fireplace without chimney bedroom glass window wall installation TV

Fireplace without chimney bedroom wall installation ethanol fireplace

Fireplace without chimney bioethanol bulkhead freestanding decorative fireplace glass

Fireplace without chimney bioethanol Eisatz White sofa glass shelves wall

Fireplace without chimney dining room wall installation gas fireplace black wall design

Fireplace without chimney ethanol detached living room zen feeling

Fireplace without chimney ethanol living open flame

Fireplace without chimney living room wall installation gas fireplace

Fireplace without chimney lounge recessed wall of flames

Fireplace without chimney lounge red accents

Fireplace without chimney of bio glass partition walls

Fireplace without chimney room dividers two sided gas fireplace

Fireplace without chimney wall bioethanol living room TV

Fireplace without chimney wall recessed gray tiles red frame

Fireplace without chimney wall recessed two-sided dining room

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