Fireplaces latest generation for cold seasons

Fireplaces have long ceased to be a resource for cottages. The new proposals, in addition to ecological decoration incorporated cutting-edge designs that would never have imagined.You no longer need large spaces to accommodate such a warm decor element like fireplaces, whether wood or gas. New technologies and new designs renew classic environments and add a plus to the most advanced.The fire is no longer a danger. You will be mesmerized by the heat that is capable of transmitting and curious crackling flames. In the living room, lounge, bedroom and even the kitchen find a hole that enhance any environment.


According to professionals, with a wood quality can be heated from a small home to one of more than a hundred square meters, and a wood double combustion allows regulation of the fire according to the surface of the housing and the need for more or less depending on the desired heating temperature.


Among the highlights is the Lotus Scandinavian. A steel stove that is characterized by the double combustion technology used to burn wood and maintaining the sleek and edgy line, in order to create an efficient heating system.

Its simple lines and functionality allow to place it anywhere in the house without involving major economic or investment space. Thanks to its size and meticulous finish, plus its comfortable cleaning systems and continuous view of the fire, it is very practical for any time of year.


“This is a creative way to meet the winter needs. A natural heating system, easy to install, “says Esther Gómez, head of communications Maydisa.

In this case, the double combustion system achieves cleaner burning because the camera is surrounded by a porous material, ‘Skamol’, highly insulating and resilient which allows to reach a temperature of 850 ° C, reducing the polluting emissions to a minimum .

Being an enclosed system, combustion converts virtually all the energy into heat, which optimizes fuel consumption so that expenditure on firewood decreases.

According to Gomez, briquettes can be used in stoves, as the sole fuel or as a complement to the wood, “but it is always better, economic and ecological, the use of wood dried for two years.”

Bodart & Gonay betting on cutting-edge designs even in homes where the decor could not be more classic. Bookseller wingback chairs and dark coexist perfectly with recessed Infire range with the latest generation integrated ventilation chimneys.

Fireplaces do not figure prominently in the home place, avoiding concentrating decoration around them because they combine a practical and functional design with optimal performance and ease of maintenance.


In the kitchen, where no one expected, and rectangular and straight lines are the standard pattern, causing a feeling of warmth and breadth of unimaginable stay. Especially when it comes to open space to the dining room and thereby manages to create atmosphere in two different places.

Among recessed generation, nothing like the elegant vertical chimneys, Helios, a flames sleek and stylish design which can be easily controlled by a thermostatic remote control.


Far is the idea that rustic places are ideal to enjoy the fire. In their first home can also enjoy even with a minimalist decor in black and full of technology, a fireplace to move to another world in the most traditional way.

Gas fireplaces BG act on the principle of suction sealed combustion type. Thus, do not burn the air in the room in which they are, but they get it from abroad, thanks to an ingenious system of concentric nozzles.


The advantages of this approach are many, such as the ability to place the nozzles in the horizontal or the evacuation of the combustion gases through a wall. So any risk of CO poisoning is avoided.

With the usual dimensions, design Solaris is spacious and fits any environment. The background of white, black or gray stones, or ceramic logs gets played the glow of the embers and the natural movement of live fire.