Five colors that will give your home light and emotion

White sand, light gray, green water and blue sky. Five decorators tell us why bet on them to win light and create emotions.


1 Blanco. Serenity and creativity
Asun Antó. Decorator
“White radiates purity, neatness and serenity; timeless and stimulates the creative imagination. In addition, the more color is bright because it reflects up to 80% of light, and highlights the most decorative pieces. It’s perfect for small spaces because, by raising ceilings and out the walls, visually expands, and if you combine it with pickled wood, so that it’s warm, can also be used in large. Puro broken tone … almond, white combines with all other colors; with gray or sand, for example, provides feeling of elegance. ”

His ideas
• For a total look: “Paint the walls, ceiling and floor of white creates a rebound effect that enhances clarity. If you also choose the light fabrics and pickled, painted or white lacquered furniture, the brightness will be total “.
• Beams bleached wood: “If you want to reduce the degree of contrast between the beams and the ceiling or soften the overlooking the rustic atmosphere, do not hesitate, paint them white. In addition, you get the room look taller and more light. ”


. 2 Light Grey: calm and balance
Marta Zuazo. MC Paintings
“Grey is undoubtedly an elegant color that works on classical decorations, combined with fine wood and any color trim, and modern rooms with wood Nordic , washed. It is perfect for large and airy rooms, but also for small rooms because the zoom. In MC Paintings have two shades of light gray: grisaille, a warm gray, made ​​with ocher, red and earth pigments, and gray patina, slightly cooler, created with blue, green and black. Both are ideal for areas with light and direct sunlight, and the two harmonize with virtually all colors. For example, white and clear stones create a balanced and peaceful atmosphere. With roses, romantic and with red, yellow or intense current “blue.

Soils in gray
• Current Picture: parquet, laminate or wooden flooring in gray shades are the perfect choice for contemporary environments and integrate furniture classic cut. Better the more clear, not subtract light. And with the grain view, for a more natural air.
• Aged Look: To get it you’ll have to paint it and decaparlo or sanding, but do not do it evenly. Consider the natural aging process of wood. Some tables have to be clearer and more worn than others.

. 3 Blue: with positive energy
Star Salietti. Decorator
“Wine blues is extensive, Grizzlies to greenish, and offers many possibilities for decoration. Quiet and refreshing, provides security and eliminates negative energies. Expands the space and gives depth. The blue of the Mediterranean is perfect with white or light wood furniture; Grizzly with rustic brown or black, making it warmer; and blue aged, with pieces of the 50 “.

. 4 Arena: natural harmony
Pepe Llaudet. Interior Designer
“Sober, mutable, versatile and elegant tone sand, earth or gray as I call it, is a ‘terrain’. Ideal for any space in which harmony, relaxation visual look and highlight other decorative elements. It is not classic or modern, is eternal. It is nuanced. Maintains balance between the grays and browns just right, and that gives you the neutrality needed to be combined with more bold colors like red, green or blue. Is particularly sensitive to the clarity and radically transforms according to the strength and type of light incident on its surface, taking greenish, bluish and violet depending on your environment. So looks good anywhere. ”

His touch
Customize “The sand color has the virtue of highlighting noble materials which combine, as long as the contrast material is not too exaggerated, and is especially well with woods such as oak. So the technique of etching in this range (cream, gray land) is perfect for recovering furniture old and give it a vintage look or Shabby Chic “.

. 5 Green water: Cheerful and fresh
Olga Gimeno, interior Bona Nit
“Warm and cold at the same time, the green gives peace, joy and freshness. Evokes nature and is related to well-being, as natural areas improve our health. For vividness I mix it with pink poppy, and if looking for a more romantic and bright tone, with old rose and the range of sands. To enlarge the space nothing like green water. Play with other green curtains, cushions … is very elegant. ”