Five creative ideas to decorate the room of a girl

Girl Rooms are generally decorated with princesses , flowers or pink. If you want to plan something different and be more creative, there are many ideas that you can implement. First of all, ask your girl you would like to decorate your room, since children often can be more creative than adults. To give you inspiration, here is a list of five ideas you can use for a child’s room. These ideas are just inspiration, you can add, remove or mix depends on your tastes thoughts and your child.


Classic Books
The classics are a great source of inspiration for a girl’s room. Think Alice in Wonderland, The Arabian Nights, Peter Pan and The Little Prince. If your child loves to read, this may be the best theme for your room. Part of your favorite book and seeks ideas used in decorating. For example, you can put pictures in the book chosen in boxes or use letter stickers to write a favorite quote from the book on the wall. Include copies of important articles in the book, like Dorothy’s red shoes in The Wizard of Oz as decoration. You can also decorate the room like a scene from the book, as the Arab castle of The Arabian Nights or The Neverland of Peter Pan.


For girls who love to dress up like queens and movie stars this may be the perfect decoration. Choose Victorian furniture white that seem taken from a castle, installing a chandelier in the middle of the room and paint the room pink pastel. You can include a table and luxurious for your child play for tea and chairs mirror elegant dressing. This style can cost a lot of money, so try to find furniture on sale or resale. You can always give it a new coat of paint to remodel.

decorating for girl rooms ideas

Bright colors
This style is a bit softer in your pocket, because all you will need is paint in different bright colors such as fuchsia, orange, apple green and yellow. This style is perfect for a fun and outgoing and happy girl. Paint the walls a color and hang pictures with other contrasting colors. Use geometric shapes throughout the room, such as circles of different color on one wall. Choose only three colors that base yourself and use them uniformly decorations for the room do not dizzy. Keep white furniture to balance the color.

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Not all the girls just love pink and princesses, many enjoy sports too, so it includes this passion in your room. Decorate your child’s room with posters. Make pictures of soccer balls, basketball or tennis, depending on your favorite sport. If you can, get items that symbolize each sport to decorate too. As for colors , choose colors of your favorite team and includes articles girl squad team. You can add feminine tones or pastel colors include pink and images of female athletes.

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If your child is in love with animals, why not decorate your room with this theme? Includes pictures favorite animal pictures of your child, whether cats, dogs, birds and giraffes. Many items, such as lamps, can get in the way of the pet. You can also paste stickers or paint an accent wall with images of animals. For this style you may choose any color for the walls, but consider choosing one that matches the color of the animal. For example, in the case of a giraffe, do not choose brown painting walls. Choose a color as a pastel yellow or light green.

decorating for girl rooms

decorating ideas for girl room

decorating ideas for girl rooms



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