Floor and wall decoration in white – modern house design

The so-called hidden House, located with floor and wall decoration in white in Tel Aviv. In spite of the small land was a large House, extremely impressed with its architecture and design. The modern cube shape, whose façade dating concrete is formed columns and wooden strips, is indeed on the one hand decorated with some Windows that provide the privacy is guaranteed. On the other hand, it offers a view of the garden and the environment however and allows plenty of natural light into the Interior of the House with floor and wall decoration in white.

apartment design in the basement living room sofa gray

This applies especially to the lower floor, in a floor and wall decoration in white dominated. A large swimming pool, adjacent to the terrace, and a wall in the form of a vertical garden is located directly in front of the Windows. The open plan living area consists of a kitchen and a living room. Indoor floor and wall decoration in white was chosen. Warm accents are used items in the kitchen furniture but a beige couch and wood.

apartment with yellow gray interior sofa round white pillow

The floor and wall decoration in white is not continued in the upper floor. There, the white walls are to recover to some extent. These are combined with a wood cladding already in the staircase area, which serves as a small lounge area with sofa and TV. The bedroom is bright and friendly, where the laminate floor is covered. Sort including indirect lighting on the ceiling for a pleasant light in the evening hours. The bathroom is elegant and modern décor. But instead of a floor and wall decoration in white is only the wall white. Dark mosaic tiles were chosen for the floor. Matching, bright wooden furniture were used for the institution.

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