Floor boards for cozy and warm winter days

The sky is grey, fall leaves, now it will not be long and the temperature hiking back down. Snow and ice greet us in the morning, winter is here. It is then good to come home after an extended walking all in the cosy living room. Wood as a material in the living room radiates warmth and comfort, a wooden floor made from real wood is especially comfortable.

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Rather than PVC, we access tiles, before we choose a glue for parquet laying, we look at the details of the pollution. Meanwhile, we have developed a very sensitive sense for health-friendly materials and construction materials. The trend is to integrate more naturalness in their own home. This concerns also the design of the floor surfaces. Floorboards are made of different natural materials such as oak or Douglas fir. The woods are grown of course, with everything that belongs to. The inimitable grain and small knots make up the charm of wood flooring made from real wood. So is a piece of nature in your own four walls, and this adds a unique ambience to the room. Wood stands for heat, but a wooden floor will keep warm in the winter?

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When it is cool outside, we spend more time indoors. But is anything but pleasant to run with bare feet on the cold tile floor, especially in the cold season. Carpets are very much in demand in the winter, especially bedroom beds, in the children’s room or in the living room from the sofa. A carpet keeps the delicate feet pleasantly warm. But not everyone tolerates carpets and when it comes to cleaning carpet lovers must make more cuts. Who would like to do without on carpets, is well advised with underfloor heating. Even tiles are therefore cousin hot. But does the underfloor heating with real wood floors?

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We have the tricky question of whether suitable also for wood floor underfloor heating, passed to an expert in the field. Team hardwood floors from natural materials, pure nature, experts know and confirmed to us that the popular opinions diverge widely. For many people there in a contradiction to lay wooden floors using a heater. The wood as a natural product could deform, “Wood works”, it’s that. But the expert knows better. Underfloor heating for wood floors work very good. Now they have completed many projects, all with great success. The planks of wood are treated specially and are therefore compatible with all commonly used floor heating systems. Who do without so even in winter on the real charm of the wood, nor to warm feet, which is very well advised with a high-quality wooden floor.

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