Florenz Design Week Kleider National Central Library

Florenz Design Week Kleider the National Central Library1

Read ? A pleasure to enjoy in comfort , offer through the creative design solutions : special sessions on innovative libraries. Therefore, the second edition of the ” Florence Design Week ” “Design is ” a whole section devoted to reading .

In a frame , it is not unlike the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze could , visitors can enjoy the comfort, the modern reader by designers such as Alessandro Gedda , Alexander Macintyre , John Bartolozzi ( perverse Design) and unauthorized design offered – Paul Mack, Matteo Masiero , Ivan Falcon.Es goes from chair library proposals such as the unauthorized or design the seat box John library Bartolozzi plundered line art design , simple lines of library Macintyre , great connoisseur of design “matter” . Up to ” unstructured ” Library of Alessandro Gedda , artists from oil painting to create different objects of design, is proposed by a technique . Combined and assembling several pieces of wood , which he , exactly , ” unstructured ” designated

Florenz Design Week Kleider the National Central Library2