Folk style decoration

In home decoration can be used infinite decorative styles, and can also bring you to each of them a personal touch to make it much more original and according to your personality. One you can use is the folk style, characterized by getting a space where romanticism and decorative objects from different cultures have much prominence.

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Ethnic details are very important in any environment, in addition to the traditional elements and materials that demonstrate a great personality. Take note of these tips to decorate folk style :

– Walls : must be in light, neutral colors, especially if pastels are amazing because they will give you a romantic touch. You can also line the wall paper in a vintage design in soft colors or use a floral pattern well suited to reflect this style perfectly.

– Materials : wood is the most used, besides being essential for the folk style can be perfectly applied. Place walls and ceilings is a great option as well get a lot more warm and welcoming atmosphere. Any natural material is perfect to complement the use of wood.

– Decorative objects : for this there are two features that stand out above everything else. On the one hand, the use of ethnic details, having many options as you served any ethnicity, it is important to be very characteristic of it. On the other hand, geometric shapes also have much prominence, especially curved lines.

– Textiles : all are going to use as cushions, bedding, rugs, curtains, should be characterized as having natural designs such as flowers or animals in their prints. The lightweight fabrics are best suited for any season.

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