Four tips to renew your outdoor furniture

In this hot season spend much time abroad: porches, patios, terraces and decks are preferred to spend time with family or guests solo sites. With these tips from the experts in home products from Pottery Barn are sure to be able to create a space perfect for the outdoor season.


1. If you have a porch or garage that you want to use but it is very dark because it has no windows, a special option is to paint the floor a light color so that light entering the rebound and is reflected in all directions. A color like silver or very pale yellow are perfect to refresh the space and give it shine.

Two. If your space predominates wood in various shades may not need to change the color. To keep a natural feel is recommended that you only apply an semi transparent varnish to renew its shine and retain their rustic character.

March. Architectural details such as doors, persianasy planters can help you create colorful accents. The spacious, large areas should use a strong color, so you do not miss out on the big picture. If the space is small, for example at the door can paint the pots, even the white facade will have new life with colorful pots and flowers.

April. Inspired outside the dominant color, use green or blue if you’re near a beach, best for arid areas are neutral or terracotta and forest areas to opt for the more vivid as greens, reds, oranges and more.