Framework and branches to hang your necklaces and decorate any wall

After the amount of original decorative ideas we’ve seen over the years it becomes clear that, in many cases, you can decorate and organize at the same time with a little imagination and skill.


Proof of this is the idea, which consists of a framework and branches on which to hang your necklaces and, incidentally, all decorate with any home wall. It’s the kind of decorative idea that we love. idea can not be simpler, really, is that basically consists of a nice wooden frame behind which were installed several branches, three in this case, so that to fill these with our necklaces and other accessories will create a nice composition of colors .


We are not very necklaces, so we have rather few, but we can think of that could carry out the same idea but with a smaller frame , depending on the amount of things that we will hang, and place in which we are going to install it, of course.