Fresh and practical kitchen in two colors

Modern beautiful and spectacular two-colored cabinets can give a unique vision of a kitchen in a traditional style. Natural wood, stainless steel, black and white lacquer and what not – the options are diverse . Today we’ll look at a few models for the kitchen in two colors. Even to impress only one backup for the cuisine, it would be a sufficient precondition to renovate old or new kitchen design home.

Fresh and practical kitchen in two colors

Smooth and glossy surfaces are very current trend in recent years. Look good in almost all types of color combinations. You may encounter such a choice and in a white kitchen. Lacquered surfaces are combined perfectly with stainless steel, so you won’t be wrong if you bet on this type of built-in appliances. In the event that you choose white for the primary color, the second will appear stainless steel.

kitchen backsplash two colors

Excellent is the combination and the white plane with light wood. In this case, you could bet both the white and stainless steel appliances. Consider this detail with the facing of the cabinets. When you work with glossy surfaces it is better to choose soft and unpretentious handles for the doors, to not overwhelmed the situation. White in combination with dark gray or charcoal is a classic Duet. Select the Baroque models of racks and bet on more ornamentation in the production of the doors.

Fresh kitchen in two colors

Black and Cherry is severe, but bright and stylish combination. This vision would suit perfectly in a family house with a luxurious look and heavy retro Interior. In this combination, it is important to emphasize, as the rich ornamentation of the tree, and the details of the hardware that would be excellent if it is made of wrought iron.

What about beige and Navy Blue? This kitchen in two colors will undoubtedly bring the feeling of the sea, the waves and the sun into your home. Here the colors are sufficient in themselves and there is no need to clutter with additional decoration.

kitchen cabinets in two colors

Any combination of colors to choose, do not forget to consider the situation with the common vision of the home. Stilovoto combination is always an advantage. In addition, remember that the most important element in the kitchen. Arrange so that you feel comfortable while proper housekeeping. Too grand cuisine is not always a ground for practicality.

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