Fresh Decorations for Summer

While in the Southern Hemisphere begins to arrive cold in the northern hemisphere begins to feel the warmth of summer and it makes you want to ‘change the look’, not only in terms of the appearance of each one of us, but We also just want to renew our home.

Summer is the perfect season to fill our home with color and flowers to transform it into a lively and full of life. So if you feel like and let the summer at home I suggest some tips to achieve a cool summer decoration .

With summer comes heat and desire to fill our homes with life and color, to get rid of heavy fabrics and dark colors that accompanied us during the winter, and to do nothing better than to redecorate our home. A while back in your home to accommodate summer and then saw some tips I suggest see some more.

Cool summer decoration
Floral prints
Warm weather and beautiful summer we can enjoy every day. To start from our home we can spice up our living placing a floral print.

Loa floral designs can be easily incorporated in a room either by placing a table cloth on a chair, even the cushions with such patterns may contribute to a change in environment.

Lots of color
During the winter the dayRe decorate your home for the summer is not that difficult and does not require a significant investment of money, you just have to try to get that darkness and heaviness that leaves the winter and nothing would fill the rooms better than either color painting , changing the curtains or placing small details that make the difference.

With summer comes not only the color and joy, also comes the heat, hated by many, especially at night when we want to rest and we can not sleep a wink because the atmosphere is stifling. I think you should ever have happened, so I recommend you see the six ways to keep your bedroom cool , so you can rest easy and take every day with lots of energy. s are short and cold and long nights, ideal for being comfortably warm inside our homes.

By contrast, the summer is full of bright days and long, a cheerful atmosphere in general. We can make our home reflects this joy with the addition of bright colors. The yellow, orange and green are great choices for decorating. A vase, a wall of these colors, a piece of art or even shades of these colors fill the living room.

Lightweight fabrics
The summer light is unmatched, and let in through our windows allow all our home is full of life. To do nothing better than to put light curtains and even transparent fabrics that allow sunlight illuminates the environment.