From old to new: So you become an upcycling-do-it-yourselfer

The hype about upcycling is endless. Using creative ideas to convert waste products into novel products makes just a lot of fun. And spares the environment. Especially our interior design can be customised. We have the best tips for upcycling in the local workshop here for you.

bird feeding station-porcelain cup-saucer-hang

From the sofa to the sunlounger: almost every piece of furniture can be assembled from Euro palettes. Behind the pallets are uniform transport assistants who are discarded by the sales companies after some time of use. The wood from which they are made has then usually received a beautiful used look. Simply too bad to throw it away.Furthermore, Euro palettes are extremely stable. With the right tool – for example, on this page – you can make almost any piece of furniture in the workshop, garage or on the terrace: from the door to the dining table, from the bed to the sofa – creative home improvement set. Pallets are not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use in the garden. More do-it-yourself ideas can be found here.

Old make new-bird feeding station-plastic-bottle-spoon-e1496835377151


Plastic is one of the biggest environmental impacts worldwide. It is true that most plastic bottles now have a deposit. The others, however, continue to wander into the garbage. Usually. As transparent outdoor flower heads, they create a wonderful overall picture on a wall in the garden. To do this, you cut several bottles on one side and attach them horizontally to the wall at regular intervals. Earth and plants pure, ready. In addition to plastic bottles, cans are also excellent as flower pots, which are also attached directly to a wall or dangle on a cord. With a brush and some colour, you can remodel supposed waste to redesign new home accessories. Why throw away the old porcelain from the grandmother when you paint it as a creative home improvement and breathe new life into it? And you can paint not only porcelain …

Old make new-europalette-furniture-upcycling Old make new-porcelain-bowl-paint-brush-flower-head Old make new-upcycling-trend-flower-boxes Old-mach-new-book-upcycling-caskets-sewing box