Funny wedding games with instructions for variety during the celebration

Weddings are fun and bring joy to the bride and groom as well as the guests. But to make sure that this is the case, you should make sure that everyone has fun and that there is plenty of variety during the celebration. In addition to the changing speeches and dance performances, some fun games can also be planned for this purpose, which should lift the mood and make the biggest misermaker at least smile. If you want to collect some ideas for funny wedding games with instructions, you have landed here correctly. We have put together some of the most interesting and popular ones for you. In addition, games for the wedding can also be organised by the guests as a surprise for the bride and groom.

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This interesting game is always in a good mood. It is to check how the bride and groom know each other. The wedding match “Match” or “Fits the lid on the pot” is best prepared by the guests and can thus serve as a surprise for the bride and groom. For funny wedding games like this you need:

  • two chairs
  • Shoes of the bride
  • Shoes of the groom
  • Many suitable questions
  • Moderator who asked the questions

The chairs are placed against the backrests so that the couple sits back-to-back and can not see each other. Each of the two now needs one of his own shoes and one of the partner. Instead, one can also think of other items typical of the man or woman (e.g., beer bottle and noodle). Now questions are asked. These questions should be answered either with “you” or “he”. So, for example, the question is, who is the bigger sinner, who needs more time in the bathroom or is driving better, or who cooks more often or better, and so on. The subject is answered. Whosoever thinks she is the answer to the question raises the Brauhuh, and whoever believes he is the more appropriate answer, lifts the groom’s shoe. The aim of the pair is to find as many matches as possible without compromising. For funny wedding games, a point system can always be devised.

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