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Sometimes, just inside the door of a room has been a pleasant sensation of warm welcome home. It is no accident: it is often the details that make the difference. And if we talk about details on the subject of furniture, curtains are just one of those items that often do not recognize the right merits in terms of enhancement of environments. Each of us is well able to recognize the importance that light has in determining the mood of a space. But often we do not realize that to shaping the intensity, color, softness are the interior curtains we choose.

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Although it is often the final addition, they are important for the final impressions and nuances of light. Apart from the call to a practical need, to protect our privacy, often it is the curtains that give an impression of completeness to the furnishing of a room giving it personality and color.
But what are the factors to be taken into account to make the right choice for our spaces?

The fabric
Fine or heavy filtering or covering: the fabric has a fundamental role in shaping the light and create the right atmosphere. The choice will certainly be influenced by the type of tent that we have chosen but there are other things to keep in mind, equally important: if the need is to shield the light as much as possible because we are furnishing a very bright room, you should choose a fabric from compact texture, such as the Brocade; if the main function is to protect the privacy, without subtracting brightness, the choice will fall on a little transparency but lightweight fabric, such as voile.

The color
The color and the fabric pattern will go hand in hand with the colors of the furniture, but even here some considerations are still valid: it is better not to choose very bright colors for tents dedicated to small windows in cramped, unless you want to attract attention on it. The soft colors agree with all kinds of room and do not clash whatever the decor. Bright colors, patterns and decorations help to customize and make unique environment, as long as you face a lot of attention to combinations with embellishments already present.

If you are looking for a starting point, an idea to complement the decor of your home with a beautiful curtain, take a look at the photo gallery: how to models and color combinations no shortage of examples!

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