Furnishing high attic with smart interior design solutions

The post today is dedicated to tips for decorating a small apartment , and specifically for decorating a small attic Easy and brilliant is the solution adopted for this London apartment of 56 square meters – created by Studio Craft Design with a wonderful use of the space available .To specify a detail of no small importance: this environment has a very high ceiling, which facilitates the exploitation even on vertical surfaces.


The most original idea (we found it even in a small apartment Israeli ) is to divide the large room with a central structure, including the bathroom and a utility room – closet .Above we have the bedroom , which exploits the space created vertically. How is access to the loft? Using the scale derived … from the library wall!

In environments created by the subdivision arise instead the kitchen (wall) and ‘living area, furnished in a sober and essential due to the large availability of space in the library.

The solutions that we like:
the “cube” Great central idea to split up and take advantage of vertical space. the decor of the main wall, in both sides of the room

What can be improved:
scale, which saves space but that seems pretty dangerous

the basin, which could have been much better choice

Decorating children’s rooms, is one of the most attractive forms of decoration and varied. You can avail the most colorful and has all variety of interior design. True, sometimes the family is growing and you do not have much room to create more rooms and we must seize everything, even the attic, today we give this idea to decorate a lovely room in the attic.

First of all, you have to give visual range and that is achieved with the use of white throughout the room. White is a great color that goes with everything and is used in ceilings and walls , creating a room that is taller and wider and therefore can also think of decorating with great originality that makes it as if it were more large.

This decorating an attic bedroom , the furniture also benefits sized to the size that fits better to the environment. And resort to using boxes and others failing to include a shelf or several shelves in that area. It is a small but cozy personal space by the way is prepared bed, white walls and ceiling and colorful tone linens.

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