Furniture design inspired by DNA in plywood

Leonardo Rossano of True Design along with Debora Mansur have created a novel design of furniture, modular Bank called DNA.

seat inspired by DNA

True Design recently founded in Italy by two young women who grow up in the pursuit of modernity. For them “modern” is, first, beyond the fashion of those signs that change too fast but that are innovative.

dna bench by the true design 2

Inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, the furniture design DNA modular bench is a piece of unique construction, i.e. that is created by a single section of curved plywood, this furniture design aims to create multiple seating configurations.

dna bench by the true design 1

The result of this system, is a concept of furniture fascinating, in form of a Helix, in which each completed section creates an individual seat for the user, creating comfort in a public space.

dna bench by the true design 3

dna bench by the true design

spiral seat

The DNA Bench furniture design

The DNA spiral wooden seat Bench

wood furniture design spiral seat