Furniture made of solid wood , craftsmanship, and love

when we received the only the information about the awards in Bucharest, we have concentrated attention to works of architecture the stars of any competition policy. Object design is somehow limit this field, although a beautiful home without beautiful objects, chosen for their story as much as for form and function as if it has no soul. In addition, prizes and winners have the 31 who get maximum public attention and I believe that the other matter less.

silva artis Cubik

One of the Participants in the internal architecture of the presented design project that has attracted attention because it has texture, feels full of stonework and love and respect if I somehow all the sense, beset when you enter the first time to the workshop is full of sawdust and feel the aromas of coconut, wormwood, putty finds itself and how bit of wood fibers.

silva artis dining table conference

The stool Branch, created by architect Maher from Silva Artis talk in a discreet manner about all this, and the story it’s approved it to be just that: a story of the craft, knowledge, respect and balance between revealing what He created nature and what we can do ourselves, responsibly, of what we offer.

silva artis stool Branch intro

Branch stool as it put together two materials can not be more contrasting: warm wood, soft to the touch, hydro Silky hydro herb until polishes, processed in a form as close to the natural, and steel in the rough, with sharp edges.

silva artis 2 bathroom furniture

Of all construction materials, wood is the only one that is nice and ages. This is nice if you worked with the learnings and respect. Here, the wood has a simple geometry and a fine texture, finish with linseed oil, a tribute to the unique and fleeting nature of each tree. Steel creation of man 100% indestructible but able to say because-because , or at least to support the story, and to give seems to embrace all the support and respect that you deserve.

artis countertop timber silva

silva artis bathroom furniture    silva artis stool Branch

silva artis your living room furniture

Silva oak desk artis

Silva oak dining table extensible artis