Furniture retro pop

If you are looking to change the style to the environments of our home or office is a good option furnish with furniture retro pop , which are inspired by the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, which have the ability to transport us to those times live them again but in a contemporary and fresh.

The pop retro furniture they are today we present the design firm of Bel Air, dedicated mostly to the development and manufacture of furniture for restaurants and sites gastronomic scale. Likewise, the designs created using perfectly and go great in homes or offices.
These furniture are made of excellent leather color, characteristics of style pop, and metal and aluminum, used for its structure. This company offers stools, chairs, individual modules armchairs, corner sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, among other products.
So, you know, if you are looking to add a touch retro pop to your home and, why not, office, feel free to dare to achieve it. Today in the market and design firms who dared to capture the shapes, colors and textures of those years to shape them contemporaneously in these types of furniture, which will bring joy and freshness to the environments.