Furniture That Fits Your Bathroom

Specialized firms in bathrooms-looking-and find solutions to suit any space

One of the problems of today’s homes is the lack of space. It’s like an inherent quality dwellings century. We’re very tight storage space, but also more than enough space to place cabinets. So you need to find solutions that suit our homes.
And the bathroom  is one of those areas in which more is missing (well, and the kitchen, and bedrooms …) amplitude.Therefore, firms rack their brains studying and designing possibilities for different spaces serve, they do not take much, but are practical and effective.

One of these firms is the Spanish Cosmic  , Modular has introduced an interesting system furnish the bathroom designed by Alejandro Armenter. It is characterized by the needs of order and storage in the bathroom environment in a really flexible.
Because it has an amazing ability to adapt to different spaces (the smallest to the largest) and the ability to customize the settings. It consists of modules with front drawer and door handles free (open with a slight boost in any area of the front); countertops and sinks.
The modules are combined with clean lines surfaces and integrated accessories such as bins, containers, dividers or trays. And all with a wide variety of colors that can combine different colors for modules (face and body), with countertops and sinks.

In small bathrooms and complimentary, the solution Emma Square, Gala  , offers a wide range of furniture in combination with sinks, which are tailored to the needs of the smallest bathrooms getting comfortable and modern effect.
If the limitation of space the width debr bathroom Gala Compact version has three basins: one of 55x35cm and 60x35cm another, both compatible with the same series furniture. The third model would 80x35cm Basin Compact  combined with the furniture of the same measure.

It is also very flexible Replay collection of Jacob Delafon , which boasts of having two different models of sinks. One (available in three dimensions, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm) is characterized by a height of 8.5 inches. The second (available also in 120 cm) has rounded inner and plenty of water and objects.
The collection bajolavabos have a large drawer and one inside. In addition, a side column composed of two separate compartments with shelves in the door, and bathroom cabinet hanging on the wall, 65 cm in height.