Furniture to bring bright color therapy at home

Choose the furniture of the house is an important time, not just when it comes to a new house to be filled , but also when it comes to simple substitutions of furniture .Among the items to be searched and always there are no doubt a very good quality and comfortable living . Of course often are not enough good characteristics of functionality of a furniture to make us likely to buy. There are a number of features, not always obvious, that will make us pleasure – or dislike – a particular item rather than another .


which often should go to the second floor but do not always do, there is the aesthetic taste . The house has been not only the place where we live is also a “showcase” of how we are and who we are , is the decor can only reflect our personalities .

Some like the severe lines and linear, neutral colors and simplicity, but there’s also those who love the color, creativity, furnishings extravagant and often exclusive .

If you are fans of the genre can not only advise you to linger on the collections by Philippe Boulet , a young French designer who creates amazing furniture with classic lines, revisited in a contemporary and totally customized: it is the furniture that light up using applying all the benefits of color therapy .

But first let’s understand first what LED technology and why it is so innovative. Secondly, it is also important to know something more about color therapy and its origins rather distant in time.

Why choose LED technology
The bulb was invented in 1880, for a long time a thin carbon filament and a glass ampoule were the only way available to provide light . Currently this technology does not agree more with the needs of efficiency, energy saving and low environmental impact .

The technology is more in line with our requests is definitely the LED . Founded as a beacon for electronic equipment, this technology has found a place in the field of lighting , thanks definitely a reduction in consumption that goes well over 70% compared to other technologies. Furthermore, the use of LED guarantees a service life considerably greater than the normal filament lamps , thus rendering them extremely reliable. Another of the positive aspects in the use of LED, certainly not least, is related to the benefits of ecological , these lamps in fact fail to consume about 50-70% less than those of normal use. Apart from being the fully recyclable LED lamps can also provide excellent color rendition , as well as a perfect uniformity of illumination .

The characteristics listed above that can not direct towards the use of this innovative technology . The high requirements of the LED lamps are perfect to be applied in the use of color therapy.

Colour therapy: the benefits
The origin of the word Chromotherapy is Greek, means ” treatment with the color . ” It is a traditional medicine already in use in ancient times .

Egyptians and Chinese used the colors to restore the right degrees of energy, but it is only in recent years that we have seen an exponential growth of this sector . This is not a recognized medical therapy but a technique based on the belief that the colors are able to affect the physical and emotional balance man could then also get positive benefits. A session of color therapy usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes and consists in exposure to different lights , which can be all over the body or in a localized area.

Of course the benefits of color therapy can also be obtained using multiple elements, stained glass, to the colorful walls to the colorful clothes and diffused light in different environments .

The action of color therapy is based on the use of seven fundamental colors (red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo and violet.) The most important colors, that is, with greater effects on our body are red and blue . The red color typical example is the vital energy , in fact acts on the heart and often increases their heartbeats. It is often used to relieve depression and diffuse weakness. The blue works in the opposite way, is in fact the color of calm , is used to relieve sleeping problems, high stress and high blood pressure. It seems that exposure to blue tones succeed in lowering your blood pressure and respiratory rate.

The brightly decorated by Philippe Boulet: LED, color therapy and design
hilippe Boulet is a young French designer specializing in the creation of furniture and lighting objects . It is a true pioneer in its kind, able to combine in a wise technology led light with the classical tradition. His job is in fact a real rejuvenation process of furniture dated now (normally in Louis XVI, Louis XV, etc. etc.) through the use of modern techniques of lighting.

Among his creations with the greatest impact is definitely the bed “Poesy” : an element can be easily matched to any room and the rest of the furniture. Colors can be easily modified in fact also to adapt to the mood of the day. Moreover, if the day was really bad light can be turned off with the same ease .

Boulet but is not limited to a single piece, has designed a complete line of furnishing all in the same style, all absolutely luminous!

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