Fuse concept and its applications

The fuses are safety devices for electrical circuits provide a vulnerability that collapses to the voltage or current increase in the circulating current, to protect the circuit and equipment that comprise it.Electrical fuses are formed by a support and a filament or sheet of metal, capable of melting to a surge or a short circuit, breaking up the circuit, which avoids the risk of fire or destruction of the equipment.


It is the oldest device protect electrical circuits. This very simple device, equipped with the latest technological advances in materials with which it is made, and the methods of manufacture.

Different types of fuses:
The fuses are classified according to various parameters.

• glass-encapsulated fuse: This consists of a sheet or wire, encased in a glass tube. Is used by placing between the power supply and the circuit which it feeds. In the electrical and electronic equipment, is inside the device. Work melting when current exceeds the maximum allowed.

• Fuse naked: formed by a wire (lead), which melts due to overheating of the circuit.

• screw cap fuse: is a cylindrical tube of porcelain or similar material Threading wearing a shirt that works to insert it into the circuit. The fuse wire is located inside the porcelain tube, secured with screws and protected by the screw cap.

• cartridge fuse: formed by a tube of insulating material enclosed by metal brackets that allow push onto the circuit. The filament is located within the tube.

• diazed fuse: fuse plug type are of German origin. Consist of a ball or cartridge, which is inserted into the top threaded and screwed into the base holder. Take the value of current and voltage at the plug.

• Lead Fuse: are the most primitive, consisting simply of a piece of lead wire that was intercalated in the circuit, the circulating current. Melt just increases the value of the current. There are safe, they have to corrode or rust easily. Not being content in any kind of container, pour the melted material on the circuit.

• Fuse Ticino: feature ceramic body. We present calibrated high current at low voltage.