Garden design – plan in advance to avoid all errors!

If one imagines the own dream front yard, he looks like on the title page of a garden magazine. But often the results are gently expressed, not exactly what anyone could have imagined so. But can you do something so that dreams and reality closer to each other? Sometimes you have to hold the enthusiasm level under control. Here there are some sober rules which do not reduce your garden fun, but lead to achieve better results in practice.

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With tall trees, we mean those that are about three meters high. Some people can be pretty close on the House they grow, without that they are worried about the damage they could cause. Also, they can obstruct the view out of the Windows. Most of the time a very complicated task is to control the process of the growth of these tall trees. In the long run, it spoils the most people the fun.

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At the beginning, such plants in the front yard are a real help. Cover many large areas and everything looks more appealing. But at some point, like when the trees also, quite difficult, to keep them under control. If you plan the front garden, you prefer all four seasons in the sense. Some Hardy plants, even if not the most, would have to be used already in spring. If you miss this moment, your winter is thin and grey.

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But let’s leave the winter! Also you should plant for the summer after a conscious plan, when you want, all with green and many colors is covered until the end of the season. You must be absolutely in clear, what represents the workload in the garden. Will you be able adequately to maintain all selected options through your work? If not, then look for alternatives. A poorly maintained garden brings more frustration than joy with it.

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The Green routes in the front yard are a dream! But you need to carefully select the plants. It may be that they grow so much, that they obstruct the view you or at least hindered. At some point, it may be as far as that you can hardly walk through. You certainly unwelcome, have become or? What’s currently in your in your front yard with the mediocre between inspiration and reality awareness?

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