Garden party decoration and lighting – 50 ideas for atmospheric celebration dinner

Planning a special family celebration, would like to organize your wedding in the garden, looking for original ideas for Kindereburtstag, or simply like to spend your free time with friends – on all of these occasions offers the possibility to organize the party outdoors. With the right garden party decoration and lighting the exterior becomes a cosy lounge area, where everyone can relax.

Garden Party Decorative Lighting Pool romance wedding

Depending on the occasion you have to the garden party select decoration. It will be a cocktail party with colleagues, then you can decide for minimalist decoration. Modern lantern, LED candles and simple flower arrangements are suited for formal occasions.For a wedding party, where all know to well, a cheerful decoration is must. Arrange wooden or paper lantern to the terrace scatter kilims and beanbags and organize a film night in the open air.

Enjoy garden party deco movie night outdoors

If you want to enjoy the intimacy with your partner, you can create romantic mood with Christmas lights. These can be for example to trees and parasols wrap, can simply be placed in jars .For a pleasant evening with friends, you can make decorative Moroccan style itself – the noble materials, the beautiful lanterns and the cozy seats guarantee that everyone will feel safe and comfortable.

Garden Party Decoration 50 birthday ideas Lantern Garden

For the children’s birthday to surprise the kids with a real adventure – organize a treasure hunt in the backyard and make a Party tent from several ceiling – the kids can spend the rest of the evening.At a garden party, a lot is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle. For example, the cuddly blankets for guests, in case it gets chilly in the evening. Or to switch on the illumination of not only the terrace, but in the whole garden. In larger gardens, including the signs can show the way. The flowers are also important – these are often overlooked, yet provide a feel good atmosphere at the table. Lavender scented plants are not only beautiful, they can keep mosquitoes away.

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