Garden plant – gorgeous classics for your garden or balcony

Looking for a great garden plant that spread a wonderful aroma throughout the day?

Are you like alone in the garden surrounded by beautiful flowers? But everything would be more wonderful if you would see also great aroma around them. Because then you have the feeling, you would immerse yourself in a completely different world.

frühlingsboten garden plant purple hyacinth fresh

It is interesting in the garden plants that some flowers during the day and others — open at night. Today we are on a list of such plants, which their wonderful us all day long donate aroma. Are you curious? Then we want to start immediately!

Garden plant beguiling fragrant pine yellow flowers

Rose (Rosa)

We start with this garden plant, which has a globally recognized Royal character. They unfolded their scent during the day and offers great variety in terms of the numerous subspecies.

Garden plant daffodil tulips hyacinth Spring flowers

Peony (Paeonia)

This garden plant has a unique attraction. This has to owe their great flowers as well as the magnificent appearance.

Garden plant Common lilac purple fresh flowers

Lilies (Lilium)

The roses are Royal and we would compare the lily with a Princess. It also has a magical aroma. This particularly unfolds when you cut the lily and reintut them in a vase. But take only some cut flowers home. The lily loves the Sun. Don’t take that away you.

garden plant black elder fruits

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus) and Freesia (Freesia)

This kind of garden plants are very easy to care for. Present us in the spring for the trouble with magical aroma. Only the Earth must keep moist and the bulbs must remain in the ground for three months or longer at a temperature around and under the zero.

Garden plant elder white flowers

Common lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

The common lilac also has the ability to attract us with its wonderful aroma. Thank God, he is also very easy to care for, blossoms quickly. The distribution is easy. The roots have many Anwüchse. However, this is an herb imported from South-Eastern Europe and front iron which could sell some regional types in Germany. Drag them from environmentally friendly recitals for closed courtyards and large flower containers into consideration.

garden plant flowers Queen classic Garden plant freesia bouquet white vase Garden plant jasmine plant white flowers garden Garden plant lilac purple color garden bush Garden plant lilac purple rustic Blumendeko garden plant lily-white flowers formosa Garden plant peonies pink tischdeko Garden plant peony pink blossom garden plant pink varieties gorgeous Garden plant rosebushes arcades Garden Garden plant scented blossom pink garden plant shrub honeysuckle Large garden plant flowers fragrant orange dark Peony garden plant colorful beautiful blossom