Garden stairs made of wood itself build – instructions and examples

Whether short or long, to build a staircase is not easy. It requires precise measurements and careful calculations. We show you today how you can build a garden staircase made of wood himself. From a technical standpoint, there is nothing difficult. Anyone with technical knowledge can make the necessary cuts and screw the parts together. And, however, the construction of a wooden garden staircase is a challenging task for DIY.

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Strict building codes that govern the safety and comfort are intended for stairs. Gaps between levels can cause snags, high levels are heavier to spin up, levels that are not deep enough, uncomfortable and dangerous. Since it is allowed so little room for error, stairs require careful planning. Read on to learn more. Typical stairs consist of three main elements: Cadence, stringers and risers. The stringers are the slanting boards that support the levels and bear the weight of people who drive up and down the stairs. The pitch angle should be 30 to 40 cm. In determining the width of the stairs, keep in mind that is wider better. “Broad stairs are safer and more comfortable.

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The steps form the surface of each stage and the risers are screwed directly under the front edge of each step. Some stairs have no risers, but the wrong opinion of many builders. The risers protect the stringers against the weather. Without risers, stair carriages are used tear or split.

The first step in building the stairs is the calculation of the stair height and number of stages. In this article we explained the procedure. Following dimensions are used for the sample here:

-Total ascent – 145 cm,
-Depth of stair – 200 cm
-145 centimeters divided by 18 is 8 levels
-Depth of levels – 25 centimeters. There is enough space for two 15 centimeter-wide boards
-Altitude levels – 18 cm

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Now, they need to cut out two stringers from the floorboards. Zimmermann angle with a pencil, mark the height and width of step in the required length.

Cut the grooves with a jig saw. Make sure that you cut exactly according to the marked line. Stop the cuts with a hand saw. Take the first completed Stringer as a template for the other four. Then cut two boards in width of the stage minus the thickness of the stringers. This will combine the stringers at the top and bottom of the stairs. Screw the upper and lower Board with screws on the beams of your terrace. With a spirit level, check whether all the stages are parallel.

Now, the Cadence and risers are screwed. Downwind you sure that the treads are a little survive to cover the risers.

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