Garden & terrace MEGA SCHICK set – 11 creative ideas for cozy ambience

2016 garden ideas: the eagerly awaited summer is coming soon, and owners can not wait many proud garden or terrace, finally to lend a hand. Often it fails then already at the beginning, with the question: “what to do”?

Garten Terrasse Blumenkasten Ideen

Garden ideas terrace and garden 2016 – creative Pimp
Auntie Google’s image search as well as options are full of great ideas and inspiration on garden design to the top. Here a small excerpt of what would make myself, she is just a piece of green in front of the (virtual) House (sigh);)

1 embellish the garden entrance
No, this is not a piece of the Berlin wall, but a great idea for a natural, rustic garden entrance. So great in contrast to the modern architecture.

2. garden or terrace separation room divider always make a good figure, love love especially When They serve Several purposes. This functional flower box just Creates a second, vertical garden and is Relatively easy to the build itself. Especially in already existing beam construction .

Gartenhaus Küche Ideen

3. firewood rack tube connectors
The firewood rack consists of aluminum supports, with a center framed, bright red Ikearegal. Expedit shelves you can somehow exploit for all;) You can find out what you can conjure up yet so out of pipe connectors, here. Still an absolutely bulletproof fireplace natural stone or granite blocks. They last forever and the gravel is cheap.

4. lights and lanterns
Paper lanterns create a colorful, unobtrusive romantic light atmosphere. Cheap, flexible, and available in a variety of ways. Googling e.g: from solar lanterns columns. At Amazon, there are beautiful models with LED lighting.


My Tip: Prima ornaments (€ 24.99). Low maintenance as solar technology and operated with efficient LED lamps.

5. DIY herb box
Chic flower box with fragrant Chamomile. In the background a delicate fence for Ivy plants. Well as a room divider, or to the fill empty walls.

Garten Terrasse Boden Fliesen Idee Natur

6 lay walkway or specific areas with natural stone
Natural stone Offered as alternative to to clinically white tiles in irregularly changing color levels. Gray and brown tones are perfect here. Tip: The tile surface Means as usual in the square or rectangle embarrassed but something like split (break the pattern). Ran ran thus, to achieve Individually-run areas with niches for pebbles and plants.

7 sun protection made of translucent fabric
Sun sails and canvases of semitransparent fabric are a must-have for shady places in the garden or on the terrace. These can be mounted by Means of hooks on the façade of the House or around perimeter trees.

8 garden fence with vertical greening
Endless garden fences can be lightened with built-in or attached flower fields. This would be the easiest with Euro pallets to accomplish. Garden great ideas from pallets here.

9 garden shower to the cool
A dream of every garden owner: The private garden shower. In this photo from a built XXL range of wooden, surrounded by pebbles. With time, weathered wood, and trims the range itself on old. Who has it all in a hurry: this is the best rated garden shower, Quickly set up, everywhere makes for a cool head.

10 beautiful, warm atmosphere with lights
from “real” light bulbs. Just use no energy-saving lamps, forego the best in the whole House. Googling for more info about “energy-saving lamps health”

Tip: THEREFORE suitable for interior decoration ,:: such as the bedroom or hall way. These battery-powered and class-rated star lights will brighten happy you and your environment.

Garten Terrasse Sonnenschutz Ideen Stoff Segel

Garten Blumen Raumteiler Idee

Garten Feuerstelle Ideen

Garteineingang Ideen Stein

Gartenbeleuchtung Lampen Ideen Gluehbirnen

Gartendusche selber bauen Idee Inspiration

Garten Zaun Begrünung Ideen

Garten Lampen Lampions Ideen