Garnish with painted stones

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with these beautiful stones painted and decorated, to be part of our stays.If you go on vacation, if one day you go to the river or simply stones where you live .. gets a lot of them and you’ll see what can be done!

brick paint

I particularly love collect stones and shells of different shapes to make necklaces, bracelets and why not? paint!
The stones are natural elements with which you can decorate the houses. Whether interior rooms, and in places outside .. the stones are so versatile that you can decorate every corner.
Thanks to the different shapes, sizes and compositions .. stones environments give rise to fresh, natural and attractive.

There are people who are of stone walls, the need to create fantastic beautiful furniture or decorating accessories.
This time I talk about painting the rocks, but you can also use their own colors to decorate with them.
As I commented, stones can also be painted with permanent marker or acrylic .. special option.
No matter if it is larger or smaller stones to hop, they can be of all shapes to paint.
If you go to the river or beach, collect the stones that you like .. if they can be rounded to add them in trays or pots.
Paint and decorate them with some image that we like or a design made by us, will give a very special touch to our homes.

You can draw simple figures or designs happier .. You can also choose the painting that you like .. in color I mean.
You can use painted stones for you, when you decide to decorate a table .. for example using them as a centerpiece.
You can also decorate vases, walls and all you want .. even the entrance of your home, corners that are not decorated .. etc.

The stones are everywhere and can help us to make beautiful and original decorations in the form of fruit to decorate our kitchen or any corner of our house.


Stones of small size, preferably rounded
Painting of colors red, green, black and white
Brush thick
Brush thin
A bowl or mixer paint
A small basket or other decorative container


– The first step is to gather stones serve us, should be small and rounded because decorate like strawberries. If we wipe clean very well.

-Then we will apply a first coat of paint should be white to smooth the tone. Let it dry.

– Then we can begin to paint the main color is red for the body and green for the leaves.

– Finally draw the details with a fine brush and paint black and white. Let it dry and you can decorate the place we want.

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Garnish with painted stones

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