Geometric figures painted on the walls

Painting geometric shapes or stripes on the wall can be very attractive, if you use the colors and the dimensions shown for each environment. Can be used as a technique to highlight a wall portion or a special sector.


When painting the walls with forms can be seen as filling the atmosphere will, as if it were three-dimensional objects, making environments less empty places with original detail.

Grouped in a sector or scattered, rectangles cut the monotony of the walls. In these pictures you can see that the color of geometric figures painted on the wall coincides perfectly with the rest of the colors used in the decor.

Whether horizontal or vertical stripes, is a nice way to dress up the walls in two colors. If there is too much contrast between the two, let alone this effect to a wall. We have seen on another occasion the benefits of striped paint walls .

Very similar to the above manner and with the same technique can paint pictures on the walls, like a chessboard. You can choose to paint only in two colors, or more daring.

A special design for nurseries , children’s rooms, or wherever you use it. Great circles of one or two colors on the walls can be colorful and cheerful. Size is a factor to take into account to reflect diverse effects. They can be scattered, grouped by sector enables or overlapping.

In all cases the color is essential. If you’re afraid to look haggard can use soft colors, shades similar to the figures are barely visible to the naked eye.

Remember that the color of the figures need not be isolated, but the same color should be used in decorative items and fabrics, harmonizing in the set.


Geometric figures painted indoor

Geometric figures painted wallls



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