Geometric Game

The geometric property plays an intersection of vertical and horizontal planes, cubes and parallelepipeds, “encastrĂ¡ndolos” with each other, giving the impression that they are holding their own. The design also works full game and emptiness within the planes. This operation provides a rhythm and dynamic volume, avoiding what could have been a very static and boring way.

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palette of materials is a restricted combination recycled wood, stone and black lining that reinforces the emphasis of construction on the way over the details. has worked the landscape especially in order to connect the house back to nature and provide a great experience to outdoors for future users. interior is also working with the intention of creating a “fun” space. Architects: Shaun Lockyer Architects Project: Trickett Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia Year: 2013 Shaun Lockyer Architects.

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geometric house design

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Geometric house

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