Get more comfortable home

We must do everything possible to make our home as comfortable as possible. It involves changing a number of things in order to achieve maximum comfort and functionality for our home.

1st. Useful in place in the kitchen:
It happens that the kitchen supplies we do not have on hand when we need it most. Sometimes, you open the drawers with dirty hands clean and end touches more. So to avoid this we must set a bar on the wall of the cooking area and hang there tongs, bucket, skimmer, etc.. And on the counter you can group the most commonly used appliances.

2nd. Beds train type:
Instead of the typical bunk, I recommend you opt for the train type beds given that the above is not as high and is much more comfortable to do daily. I’ll suggest, especially if you want to renew your room.

3rd. Two mattresses together:
Two mattresses are much more comfortable together to turn them over. They are more accessible than a double bed with a mattress and box spring to the now-clean or put the duvet cover.

4th. The Pantry:
For comfortable pantry, the shelves should be no more than 20 centimeters deep and should not be done more than two rows. Another idea is to put removable baskets over are very cheap.

5th. Bottom bar in the closet child:
You have to adapt inside the bedroom closet child height and needs. If you have more clothes to hang it to be folded, the cajonea that often have not find it practical cabinets, you have to remove and put in place another bar for coats, dresses, .. they use regularly. Y uses the original, higher, to become less so.