Getting a bathroom much more practical

The bathroom or toilet is usually the smallest room in the house, especially if the house is small. Also, usually a quite place with transit throughout the day and even at night. Therefore, solutions are needed to do the bathroom 100% functional and practical. Can be achieved.

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1st. Using the spot light in the bathroom:

Point light is essential to makeup or desmaquillasrse, shaving or combing in perfect condition. The key is to place some sconces on either side of the mirror with integrated switches and sockets. It works great as well.

2nd. A rustic touch in the bathroom:

If you want to give a rustic touch in the bathroom get it if covering a fake brick wall and painted white. Additionally, you can add wood beams in the ceiling of the bathroom, natural detail, …

3rd. Drawers neatly arranged in the washroom:

The drawers are essential in a bathroom, especially if it is small. Without a place to store objects, the bathroom will become a real mess.

Should choose drawers with compartments for different cleaning supplies and cosmetics. You can use several models of modern, practical and cheap to accurately sort the bathroom drawers.

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4th. The distribution of basin cabinets:

The distribution and feet make the lesson of one kind or another type of basin cabinets. First, with fitted, is perfect when you have little space and so much to Second, with lacquered top, is elegant but requires order and everything is visible. Finally, with glass top, light, can be combined with a wooden bench and

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