Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

The gifts are a sign of affection and love, we hope that all our hopes you like it. The packaging is the first thing they see box you give them your gift, and every time we give more importance to the design, because the act of receiving a gift and open it is full of magic. So today I bring these ideas to wrap gifts at Christmas .

Gift Boxes-decorated

Nice ideas for wrapping gifts at Christmas
If you want to change the typical patterned wrapping paper and bows, these ideas for wrapping Christmas presents can help as inspiration for your gifts as a work of art.

Gift paper with letters and musical notes

This year brings much wrapping paper with lyrics and musical scores, is very vintage and are very nice.

Use boxes and bags decorated by you
The boxes are great for gift wrapping, it is easier and faster and you get a lot of play. You can decorate like the photo, rope, looks good for how easy it is to do.

Put custom labels
Scrapbooking is very fashionable, use it to decorate your Christmas gifts, for example with labels made by you.

Use craft paper to wrap gifts
It is very fashionable vintage and craft wrapping paper is still very popular, gives a very nice and cozy retro touch. Remember to accompany it with splashes of color so it is not bland, and Christmas is the best red color.

Be original with a gift that looks like a shipping package
I think a very good idea to use an envelope or shipping box, put a few stamps and leave it under the tree, gives a great touch of romanticism.

Gift paper puzzle
A fun option is to wrap Christmas gifts with paper puzzle. In it you can dial the recipient’s name, message, or what comes to mind.

Wrap the bottle with a jersey
A gift is very handy bottles of wine or liquor, take you out of trouble and success is almost certain. But if you do not like last-minute option, you can give it a nice touch of originality. You can wrap the bottle with a wool sweater.



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Wrap the bottle with a jersey