Gifts to the wedding 20 helpful suggestions

The wedding of their friends or relatives is fast approaching and se are still asking what would best give the dearest people. Today we celebrate the wedding in small circles of family and a few guests are invited. As best or good friends and close family members you have a hint of knowledge or sense what would inspire the bride and groom, what interests or dreams you have, how you may want to make their lives determined. And if it is not the case, here are a few helpful suggestions for gifts to the wedding.

Getting ideas as wedding presents itself

The gifts to the wedding of the closest family members are diverse and connected with the use of more money. Of course, you can make money gifts the bride and groom and it is what they will do with this gift which left. It is but also much nicer if you would care for a surprise effect and give an journey, a voucher for wellness or spa days the two love hearts. If the two lovebirds is a good coffee machine or a bone china crockery set made of fine porcelain, for example by Villeroy & Boch, wishing you treat them this pleasure.

an Oriental rug give ground black wood furniture

The friends of the wedding couple are best buddies and family friends who ask the bride or the groom may offer lovingly what they want as gifts to the wedding, or an original invented or even handcrafted piece. Great ideas for wedding gifts are even a small oriental rug as bridges carpet or romantic garden furniture shabby chic design. For friends with deeper pockets and a taste for art, an oil painting on canvas would be a wonderful idea. More ideas follow.

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Engraving on silverware wedding gift

Gift basket for wedding with Fenschemeker delicacies fene readout

Gift for the bride decorated with flowers

give a great wedding album

Give garden furniture as a wedding gift

give romantic shabby chick garden furniture

Give the wedding couple painting or art piece

Idea for wedding gift coffee maker

Ideas as wedding gifts DIY craft ideas

Luxurious bathrobes as a wedding gift

Porcelain dinnerware set as a wedding gift

Spa gift voucher as a wedding gift