Give your bathroom a far East flair

The relaxation becomes an ever more pressing issue after the long day at work. Interior designers have given never previously been so much trouble so interesting and varied to offer them to their customers. The bathroom is of fundamental importance. If it is done well, we could achieve complete relaxation.

Bathroom Japanese feng shui interior garden

Looking for good ideas, we have come to a very interesting concept. It’s about the minimalist bathroom furnishings in the Japanese style. Appears we just perfect! Exoticism and lack of details are exactly that which our senses need at the end of the day, aren’t you? We are trying now to persuade you not to realize the whole concept bathrooms. You can draw inspiration from it only.

Bathroom Japanese minimalism mirror

The closeness to nature is fundamental to the concept of the Japanese bathroom. In the best case can look from here through a partition in the forest. If that doesn’t work (which probably is the case with many), it’s on the decoration. Japanese bathing facilities incorporate the element of the tree tiles, window panes or Bonsai.

Bathroom Japanese minimalist partition Glass

The simplified forms are a part of many modern concepts. A Japanese bath institution, they are but to understand as symbols of overarching harmony. The lamp stands for the Sun, the water represents the rivers and seas, etc. differs thanks to this symbolism the concept very much of Northern minimalism. This is less spiritual and global, and for much more pragmatic. Northern minimalism in the bathroom or anywhere else would compare it more with the atmosphere of the quiet winter forest.

Bathroom Japanese minimalist style ceiling lights round

As materials, wood and glass should dominate in the minimalist bathroom Japanese style. Various arguments for each one. The wood represents the tree and the forest. You make the whole thing much more harmonious. The glass ensures width, it is the boundary between the inside and outside are blurred. Also smooth surfaces are typical of the Japanese interior design. They contribute to the propagation of light. The latter is also of fundamental importance, to spread the feeling of harmony in the room.

Bathroom Japanese Far Eastern design minimalist style

Bathroom Japanese minimalist style paravent light wood

Bathroom Japanese Rectangular bath natural materials

Bathroom Japanese style bath facility

Bathroom Japanese style marble tiles

Bathroom Japanese style minimalist

Bathroom Japanese Style Sliding Screen

Bathroom Japanese-style minimalism marble glass doors

Bathroom minimalist Japanese style

Bathroom modern Japanese style minimalist cubed