Glass Floor Design Ideas, and Decor

For many people the glass of our homes is only found in the windows, tables, doors and some other decorative object. With the passage of time and new designs, glass floors appeared characteristic for enhancement that gives the room where they are installed.

The glass should be resistant to all that the floor will have to endure from heavy furniture up to over the years. They can be installed in places like the terrace, the living room or dining room, places where you can appreciate this a lot more and be the busiest people in the house.

The floors are made of glass to decorate modern, ancient or any other style that similarly always notice her. The styles also depend on the rest of the decor there and what we want to incorporate into the site where this type of stories go. Effects also can be implemented as the light in colors like blue water with reflections or lighting for added distinction.

Her beauty as to highlight the design is unique, in which pieces can also choose different colors and sizes to add it in places where we want to give more light and a little more current atmosphere, without leaving the original of these floors represent.