Glass mosaic tiles in bathrooms and interior spaces – 15 Designs with character

Tiles with modern design can offer much more than durability and serve not only as a durable flooring in zones with higher stress ,:: such as hallways, corridors and entrance areas. Playful pattern and design of the tiles Themselves make them a real highlight When They produce something out of the ordinary and non.

glass tile mosaic design design wall üerlmutt beige

Glass tiles mosaic is accessible variant of the classic mosaic with to elaborate installation patterns known from Roman times.

Especially complicated laying of tiles have decorative and impressive effect. Successful pattern of small mosaic tiles be run only by experienced professionals and are properly time – and then costly. Glass Tile mosaic is accessible HOWEVER, Relatively inexpensive and can be Easily set by each tile.

glass tile mosaic design fireplace gold black modern

The laying patterns, de arrangement, de distance between the elements and the joints are finished and Should be Applied only on the wall or on the ground. You offer in trading on mats fixed, with the back to the top and be wise, negative, fixed on the surface by Means of tile adhesive on them.

Specific and irregular or curved, forms require special attention and the arrangement of the finished glass tiles mosaic would suitable for it. Then the elements by hand shoulderstand be moved. Special skills are needed in this case, Because some mosaic stones shoulderstand be shaped differently – here the mosaic tool comes to the rescue.

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The right level surface on Which the glass tiles are laid is quite important in the mosaic. This is the most important prerequisite for a successful end result.

Glass tiles mosaic is diverse and can be Applied in each area. The shimmering and shiny effects Provide individual charisma and bring distinctive charm to the interior. To achieve special effect, the mosaic is integrated into the focal point of the room, so did it is well visible from all sides.

With modern design and guaranteed quality, glass tiles Characterized mosaics from the Canadian manufacturer Oceanside glass styles. Only a part of the beautiful opportunities for the use of decorative elements present the outstanding designs in the article.

glass tile mosaic design ceramic fish scale turquoise

Modular glass mosaic Nasty looks modern and attractive and Provides eye-catcher, without being obtrusive. The diamonds Would certainly fans of mid century style and fit wonderfully to furniture industrial style.

Really striking effect the mosaics with Pearl effect. They reflect the light and bring the wall or floor to the shimmering. The extravagant interior larger area is with Pearl mosaic verlegn. Overdo it but shoulderstand be nocht, THEREFORE is Advisable to put this – for example to dress up the fireplace so as to accent.

The traditional cuisine is new radiation gives, When the kitchen wall is designed a bit differently. Square mosaic tiles in neutral shades did are mostly combined in dark and light tones, fluttering the room and make it seem “alive”.

glass tile mosaic design fireplace roughened small beige turquoise

The glass mosaic comes from the Roman mosaics from small patches of natural stone with on average size of 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 cm. Huge areas are laid out and ran ran thus did Certainly Took months. Today, glass tiles imitate the classic arrangement and laying patterns, or association. One of the most Widely used reverse bands are: scales arc Association, segmental arch Association and Association of sea waves.

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The finished mosaic tile can be hard unlike figures as planned before, but this offers enormous variety of shapes, sizes and optics That Could meet even the highest demands.

So for lovers of minimalist and purist style, the glass mosaic tiles have something to offer. Instead of complicated laying patterns, color or texture will be presented. The mosaic gives structure to the surface and real Although accents are missing, a uniform, same colored mosaic wall looks not soon.

glass tile mosaic design living extravagantly purple wall color nacre

Glass tiles are properly in monochrome colors if the mosaic stones have a special geometric shape. Hexagons, Which routed similar to a honeycomb pattern, are tastefully to implement as a modern wall decoration in the Interior.

Chic shimmering mosaic stones leave specifically to work the wall and bring it to the rays When light if on it. Striking forms contribute to the extraordinary appearance.

glass tile mosaic design kitchen rhombus beige white turquoise

The color combination of black and white is already for classic. Glass Tile mosaic modern interpreted this bathroom modern and extravagant radiates. The black mosaic tiles are distributed on the white pixels moderately and gain a completely Call Call different feels for the floor surface.

The colors blue and white are highly sought after in the bathroom design. Gradients seem HOWEVER modern from one to the other color. The mosaic stones appear as pixels and let the surfaces vibrate.

glass tile mosaic design modules figures playful white marble

Gold stands for chic and luxury. In the toilet, the color Appears anything but usual. Is lower part of the wall with elongated mosaic stones in gold and white moved, while the upper area with patterned wallpaper in shimmering shades of brown beige is created.

Playful patterns can be FORMED with mosaic. For modern appearance, thesis are used only as accents, and rather reserved and simple kept the remaining interior design.

Traditionally instead of glass tiles, glittering glazed ceramic tiles be laid Earlier, but even today. Italian and Spanish factories have distinguished as the coveted master of ceramics, Which preserve the long tradition of this art.


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