Glass windows in your home

The glass shades , although bearing this name were curtains actually they are a type of glass that is placed on panels to frame a foreign area or a terrace .

glass window box

As glass shades work:
The truth is that this type of curtains is easy and although we may occupy more time than having a conventional curtain are usually collected in a fairly easy manner.
To operate a glass curtains have only two options or close the terrace or window or space in which the crystals are positioned to day. If we open the curtains of glass, must we run each panel that has to one side.

glass window breaking sound effect

Each panel shall be placed so that all will be one above the other, so that when it all together to see if they can open them completely.
When we have to close the curtains of glass only must we place all grouped crystals parallel to the axis on which they are placed and how well we can go running one behind the other so that it is fully closed and framed.
We can say then that the glass curtains to date have a manual operation and involves bringing or seperar crystals that form them. The truth is that when crystals of a very thin thickness, we can say that they are easy to run and it does not take much strength to do it.

glass windows central coast

Benefits of using glass curtains:
The glass shades are often made ​​of crystals that are usually about 10 mm thick which makes them ideal for all types of isolating terraces, patios or balconies.
When crystals are quite manageable allows the deck or patio framed left us completely enclosed and open completely or only open a single part to vent if you want.

The type of glass used for glass shades usually protected that does not permit or pass wind nor heat nor rain when we have a rainy day.
Because of its thickness and although it is not much, we must say that glass shades also tend to allow that we have a sound insulation.
Are crystals also allow the passage of light completely so although we lock a terrace with these curtains, does not mean they lose brightness, in fact we still enjoy it all we want protecting us besides the heat.




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