Glazed terrace fashion – interesting decoration ideas

If you have a glazed terrace, and wonder where come – here interesting furnishings and decoration ideas. Give a character the sunny room. A spacious glazed terrace which Transformed to the cozy living room, where the homeowners entertain the guests. Extra set up for a big family in the room lacks nothing – fireplace in oversized, Several wooden beams as decoration and rustic chandeliers, Which attracts all eyes on himself.

classical furniture coffee table patio

A small lounge area with a rocking chair can be wonderfully selected for the glazed terrace. So you can feel the garden near even on cold days in the year.

Four French doors open up and seamlessly connect the glazed terrace in the garden. Important tip – Windows are the most important design element of every glass-enclosed veranda, so you can maximize the comfort and efficiency through good insulation. Save money on the glazing, it depends on your comfort in the winter. A comfortable ambience sending facility did gentle pastel colors create – green upholstery of the sofas.

double-glazed patio green Poslterung sofas

This cozy veranda offers more living space and combined glazed terrace and living room in one. The fireplace is a real eye-catcher and Ensures warm up in the cold winter days. Grey accents: such as the sofa and armchairs and an interesting carpet accents. The terrace is separated from the rest of the House through sliding glass doors.

cozy sonnigeTerrasse wicker furniture

Create a space to relax, where cheerful spring colors make the simple design in the center. A Visual connection to the garden is not only by the ample glazing so but by potted plants and small trees in the room. Comfortable furniture – small coffee table and sofa – and already has the room completely. A natural stone tile flooring is warmed up through floor heating.

French windows glazed terrace reading corner

High windows let enough sunlight into the room and let it work visually bigger. The black and white flooring and comfortable armchairs with interesting pink classical patterns catch the look. It is tastefully furnished For Those Who like the classic style. Attractive Red Wall and Several antique decorative items are charming accessories.

Three glazed walls, an interesting wooden ceiling and many gentle blue decoration cushions create an artistic atmosphere in the room. Soft yellow, green and blue accents in the interior.

glazed terrace simply means green coffee table seat cushion

An elegant loggia separate thesis glazed terrace from the rest of the House. The terrace is Transformed to a cozy reading corner in a classic style. The wood floor in the House stands in contrast to the tiles, with Which the terrace is occupied.

switch porch rattan furniture fireplace

glazed terrace spacious conservatory colorful moebel

glazed terrace stone flooring cozy atmosphere metal moebel

glazed terrace switch rocking chair carpet dining table

glazed terrace switch roof sloping carpet gray furniture modern design

Hearthrug terrace design

Pink living room furniture porch

Porch of means potted plants

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