Globe decoration – ideas for painting and crafts

Do you have an old globe lying around? You can give this completely new look with a little creativity. We’ll show you 25 ideas for globe decoration – in the Shabby chic style with charming floral prints, modern with chalkboard paint or playful for the nursery. Select your favorite design!

Globe decoration bedroom DIY idea vintage

The globe decoration in vintage style can conjure up with little color and great creativity. In the United States, he is painted with floral prints and embellished with decoupage and as accent on the mantelpiece or coffee table. Together with fresh flowers, vintage Crystal vases and tip, they form a sexy package that adds a rustic touch to the Interior. Well they can be in Shabby Chic or country house facilities stage. A globe with floral patterns is also a beautiful addition to the maid’s room.

Globe decoration blue color gold color table decoration idea

Modern, the globe works, however, if he is painted with chalkboard paint and then with paint markers in gold color painted/labeled. While many variants are possible – if it is decorated with inspiring messages, then he can be given to a friend, too. He is painted with a star map, however, then it can serve as a decoration in the youth room. An old globe can be also transformed into a lamp, or it can be used as a bowl.

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