Golden wallpaper as accent in the modern interior – design by Burke decor

Golden wallpaper sounds to maybe corny, but find the opposite, when Burke decor. There, selected samples provide for good design in the area around the design of interiors. Products by designers worldwide boast of function, form and color and are regarded as inspiration, can be brought to bear in their own home.

deco Golden wallpaper modern elegant sideboard holy vase

We offer a selection of 24 stunning wallpaper designs in shades of gold at a glance.Elegant classic pattern that everyone knows – in combination is reinterpreted by gold and Mint green. Fresh colors and popular style decorate walls and add variety to the Interior. Attractive re-editions of pieces of furniture and home accessories are a reasonable middle between old and new, modern and vintage, which is also accessible.

Golden wallpaper background modern gray anthracite matt reflective ornaments

Wallpaper and upholstery with varying patterns combine style, without the result to appear cheesy, if the two have a common element – color or language of form of. According to the motto “restrained besides grell”, set accents and contrasts.If you opted for an attractive wall design with patterns and golden color, set up the room with simple furniture. Decorate sparingly in this area of space and form an optical connection with elements in the same style on another page.

Golden wallpaper modern blue baroque pattern commode verspiegelnd SURFACE

The Golden wallpaper remains up-to-date, because it lends a timeless look. It gives extravagance and a feeling of luxury. Extremely noble effect combinations of gold with the neutral colors – white, black and gray. Matt surface and structures are particularly popular and can be combined wonderfully with furniture made of wood, glass and metal.Gold belongs not only to the Baroque style. It takes place in the modern interior with simple, simple designs and finishes.

Baroque blue chair cushion modern golden wallpaper pattern gray

Golden stripe wallpaper modern Schwary matt effect armchairs

Golden wallpaper modern baroque pattern of elegantly stylish sessl cushion

Golden wallpaper modern elegant baroque ornaments pattern sofa upholstery desk

Golden wallpaper modern elegant bed bedroom deco pattern fireplace

Golden wallpaper modern exotic palms deco jug pattern African

Golden wallpaper modern filigree ornaments ethno symmetry

Golden wallpaper modern floral pattern floral filigree white bedroom

Golden wallpaper modern line white points piped wood dining table

Golden wallpaper modern matte antique gold vanity mirror round

Golden wallpaper modern ornament mint green color white table chair

Golden wallpaper modern Pagobo couch white holyboden curtain

Golden wallpaper modern pattern marokanisch hexagon white Piped

Golden wallpaper modern pattern necklace over white background deco picture frame

Golden wallpaper modern pattern shadow tree vintage beige side table

Golden wallpaper modern pattern silver baroque ornaments armchair upholstered khaki color

Golden wallpaper modern rhombus pattern beige Pagobo piped

Golden wallpaper modern structure textile look schuessel shelf

Golden wallpaper modern wallpaper rolls turquoise ornament armchair combination

Golden wallpaper modern yigyag white dining chairs upholstered in red

Golden wallpaper white modern commode snake design