Good Idea’s For Decorate Your Birthday

Although children’s birthday we tear for the perfect decoration when it’s birthday of the (or the) house adults often forget to create that playful environment, believing that the time lost glamor or elegance.

Nothing is further from reality: decorate your cumpleños following some of these tips and be inspired by some of the photos of DecoActual we leave today and see how your fiestaes as elegant or crazy as ever, but you’ve added the value of a good decoration.The key: knowing how to surprise.

Funny idea for birthday

The decor of your birthday may be the original from the first moment what if you send an invitation like you did when you were in school? You can make a collage with photos of your life, or personalize with pictures of you from the person you’re buying.Today, with the multitude of digital media to us will be easy and inexpensive.

beautiful idea

También puedes optar por un momento original: You can also opt for an original moment: What if instead of a dinner with drinks and dancing or doing a family lunch or a picnic breakfast? It will be cheaper, surprise your guests, and if the season allows, you can celebrate in the garden or terrazasin too hot or having to think about artificial lighting.

Ideas for birthday gifts

One of the greatest aids for adult birthday is to make a buffet table.It lets you have everything at hand and enjoy the moment, focus on a particular area decoration, and see the effect it has on the guests.

differently cake

Have you thought about a photo-cool? You can take advantage of a free wall and make a great background with the date, pictures or both and use to make pictures with guests before her.Then you just have to email them and have a nice memory of that day.

photo mural

Decorate your birthday with pictures, plates, the number of years … and you will make that day unforgettable.