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His own creative interior designer Jessica Helgerson referred to this office located in a late nineteenth century building in Portland (USA) Gothic office, so not for me to take the opposite, but other than that pointed arch, me more than I think modern gothic, male, sober, elegant, perhaps a point English-style smoking room. The focal point, that element that makes this space pass the wow! to WOW! for me it is certainly that beautiful glass sculpture artist Andy Paiko serving divide between the two sides of the table, thus enabling four work areas (the conference table is the round of the last photo).

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If you have a while, take a look at other projects that you will find on their website. Deserve, and far off. ยท The Gothic Office. It’s not me but the interior designer herself, Jessica Helgerson , who has Given the name to this working space situated in a 1890’s historic building in downtown Portland. All the details can be seen here, but well, I need to point out the absolutely beautiful hanging glass sculpture . If you have a moment, I’d Strongly advice you to have a look at the rest of the projects in her portfolio .

The color of the walls is an important point in this decoration, since one of the first things to consider is if the carrier is small or large. If small we must be careful because the predominant colors in this style are the dark as black itself and we can further shrink the room and give the feeling of terror.

There are other colors that can come great to get this decoration such as red, orange, ocher, silver and even can combine with something clear to balance a bit and give more space. There is also wallpaper elegant geometric shapes to put all over the walls or only in the main wall.
The curtains are also very important and it is essential that both large and dark colors as well.
Furniture and accessories
Furniture should be of solid wood and natural dark color. Dominated by large furniture, upholstered in red or brown to match the curtains and carpets.
The fabrics you choose for this type of decoration will be mainly velvet or satin.
To decorate use marble vases, candlesticks, candles painted, plants with dark color and an element that we also remember the medieval style. To hang on the wall we can use large mirrors portraits ending pointed upward.
In the bedroom is ideal choose poster beds also pointed cloth over dark or bright. We can use elements that fit nicely wrought with Gothic decoration.
In any stay will use dim lighting, so it is very important to have chandeliers and candles, you can also get it with dark screens lamps. The lamps that hang from the ceilings must be very large and the curves predominate.

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