Great Ceiling: Vaulted ceilings inspiration for thousands of years

The vaulted ceilings have been known for thousands of years. In smaller rooms, a flat ceiling easily and cheaply built. In larger rooms, or in a series of rooms with flat ceilings have many limitations. So, dome and vaults create beautiful and spacious rooms.


The meeting of two vaults. There are several different vaults systems. The easiest are the two linear systems: the V-shaped arch that forms a gable roof, and barrel vault, which has a curved shape between the walls. Both accentuate the rectangular proportions of the room.


The groin vault is there when two barrel vaults are perpendicular. Unlike barrel vault, supported by two walls, the groin vault is supported by four corners. Determine the four ribs and control the space, they stand as a focus in the center of each arch.An inward focus. The groin vault in a single room creates a strong visual center. The ribs on the walls, the cross at the top, make the room inward focused, even with ample window looks.


The groin vault is not very common, especially in apartments and houses, but it’s a great blanket at a room number. It looks as if each room has a tent structure and the top is a fabric stretched in a frame. The effect can be amazing if the elements of stone or other masonry materials.


A joyful lightness. The groin vault consecutively form a joyous rhythmic pattern. And each vault, a glass surface to belong, thus a plentiful natural light is ensured.By cross vaults of space in the room can be placed in layers. There is a strong central focus and four arched openings on the four sides, which serve as alcoves, niches and Aussparrungen.


The groin vault wearing a traditional architectural charm, but they can also be used as part of a contemporary aesthetic. The modern furniture is quite good in older buildings with vaults.My Villa Austin, Studio William Hefner, Vanguard Studio Inc., Pitsou Kedem Architect















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