Great color and vitality to your home with carpet delight

It is sometimes necessary to give a touch of color to environments to look not so sober that they become boring. today you will find a variety of colored carpets  in one decor , There are many ways to give a touch of color, you can do with the painting of the walls, with a sofa, or a piece of art, and especially carpets. Place a carpet of intense colors in any environment, it will not only give a distinctive touch but that it will bring vitality and beauty to the place.

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Carpet of red and pink felt balls

Red is a color that always serves for this purpose. As we have seen on other occasions might paint a wall of red, or use the same color sofa, which no doubt becomes the focus of attention of the environment where it is used. In the same sense, a red carpet will give a distinctive note of color, as well as clothing soils and provide warmth.

Orange patchwork rug

Generate a contrast between complementary colors always is successful, especially if the rest of the atmosphere is painted and decorated in neutral colours. In this case the Orange and blue are complementary, and the first is a vibrant color that always brings splashes of color to any space.

Hand-woven soft blue carpet floor sofa sukhi orange stripe carpet sukhi

Colorful patches carpet

The patchwork is a special technique to create a fresh texture and relaxed. Here a multicolored carpet can create a space touch to give color to a living room or anywhere. Decorate with many colors makes environments look youthful and joyful.

patchwork carpets particoloured

Carpet pink Fuchsia in the room

The colors lavender, purple, purple and rose, as in this case, printed simultaneously a touch of elegance and finesse. Clear that a hue with intense as the image is created the energizing effect we need.

pink carpet felt balls

Carpet blue on floating floor

If you are afraid what carpet color clash with the rest of your decor, you can choose the same walls. On this occasion the blue is used in carpet felt balls and walls, creating a smooth harmony in perfect combination with the wood tones.


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