Great ideas to decorate your home with accessories

The walls and empty surfaces in your home are crying that adorn with something nice, do not you hear them? Sometimes it is not easy to decide what to put and how to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Here are some ideas on how to display your most precious items and get everyday is something special

home decorating accessories

1. The walls of the stairs can be a difficult surface to decorate. A lot of people like to hang family photos, but too small frames may be excessive. A group of vintage style mirrors can be an ingenious solution to the problem of the walls. Combine various sizes and hang them by following the slope of the stairs. With them also gets a dark area generally have more light.


Two. Is often the best bet for simplicity, do not try things too complicated. Forget the symmetry in the mantelpiece and choose an odd number of objects. A simple solution is to use the same material and even the same design but in different sizes. Notes!

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Three. We love the nostalgic ornaments. Perhaps even use vinyl, or maybe not, but you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with your old album covers. Frame them, are talking about a house adult, not a student room.


4 Where to put those little items that we show love unfinished stuffing the nearest surface or attracting dust clouds? The answer is a showcase, with her avoid the problem of size. Sometimes small items seem to get lost in the vastness of a large room and you run the risk that their value is reduced, at least stylistically.


May. If your kitchen is focused only practical, you are denying their decorative value. Like the other rooms, the kitchen should have your personality and your duty to give it. An object in context, as an old kitchen utensil can be the ideal solution, it will give the room a timeless charm unsurpassed.