Green-Themed Living Rooms

The green color is very present in nature and relaxing effects, so it is always a good choice to decorate the living room or any other room in the house. Along with blue, green is one of the most dominant in the world, though not usually very common on the walls of houses. When choosing a green color to paint should be decided by a clear tone, reflecting further the amount of light from the outside or from the lamps in the house and not highlighted too in sight, allowing focus attention on the furniture.

In this case in the living room are placed some simple black leather armchairs, a color that contrasts with the lighter shade that is applied on the wall. The cushions in colors that we can find in nature, like blue, can be another of the decorative elements that combine, along with the carpet or drapes, the color of the room.

I begin by telling you that green is a color that traditionally never liked. In its most classic tones has very, very ugly. People dared not strong or bright hues and the famous green “water” has generated genuine disaster. Now that they have become fashionable other shades of green, and I much prefer. The green pistachio, apple, avocado, olive green … are much happier and give more personal interiors and full of life.

The more pull to yellow, the easier to combine and brighter. On the contrary, the more pull to blue, duller and harder will.They combine well with a myriad of colors, all depends on the effect you want to achieve. The olive green or purple brown is very elegant, with yellow or orange pistachio, very happy. The red apple, very lively. The avocado, goes very well with chocolate. They combine well with the gray.